Should I Buy a Home or Rent an Apartment in Dulles, VA?

Is Renting or Buying More Cost-Effective?

A common debate among singles, couples, and families seeking housing is whether to buy a home or rent an apartment. While there are pros to cons to each, we believe renting an apartment has a definite edge on purchasing a home, especially when you want luxurious, maintenance-free living. Read on to learn why renting an apartment in Dulles, VA is your best bet.

All the Apartment Amenities

When you rent an apartment, everything is taken care of for you. From trash removal to fitness centers to pools and spas, apartments offer you all the amenities without all the maintenance. If you want to enjoy luxury living, you’ve got it in apartment life. And there’s no need to worry about cleaning that pool or treadmill—enjoy it maintenance-free!

Avoid Costly Repairs of Home

A major benefit of renting versus owning is you are typically not responsible if something goes wrong. From septic fails to boiler and hot water heaters malfunctioning, to electrical problems and loose wires, home repair costs can skyrocket quickly. But when you are renting, your landlord takes care of major repairs for you. You don’t have to worry if there is an issue with a major appliance because you know it will be taken care of right away at no cost to you. Renting eases your mind that you will not have to face costly home repairs if something goes awry.

Hidden Costs of Homes

There are so many expenses when you own a home that most people who rent do not even think about and take for granted. For example, on top of paying a mortgage in most cases, you will have to pay property taxes, for trash pickup, water and sewer, landscaping, pool maintenance, flood or natural disaster insurance in some cases, and the list goes on. Even if your mortgage payment seems around the same or lower than the cost of renting, you have to consider all of these extra costs when figuring your bottom-line payment for the month. It will be far more expensive to own than to rent when you consider all that you are responsible for. And don’t forget about the interest rates on that mortgage! With renting, you’ll never see your costs climb and climb.

Fiscal Stability of Apartments

Month-to-month, you want to know what your expenses are going to be so you can set a budget. When you sign a lease to rent an apartment, this number is fixed and does not change by the month. When you own, however, you have to taken into account unforeseen costs and the sudden need for repairs. You could be sticking to your budget and be on track, when you suddenly face a huge out of pocket expense when your pipes start leaking. When you rent an apartment you can rest assured the landlord or maintenance department will promptly take care of any these types of issues.

Apartments for Rent in Dulles, VA

All in all, renting is the superior choice for flexibility and worry-free living. And when you rent a luxury apartment at Lerner Parc Dulles, your worries are officially over. Choose from multiple unique spacious floor plans and enjoy amenities like high-end kitchens with granite countertops and maple cabinets, washers and dryers, and lofts in select apartment homes. Step outside and enjoy the world-class pool and massage studio. When you’re craving some excitement, head over to Dulles Town Center, the area’s premier shopping and dining district just steps from your front door. There are so many great things to do. Contact us for availability and to request a showing today.

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