6 Things to Consider When Putting a Christmas Tree in Your Apartment

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Setting up your Christmas tree is exciting, but you don’t want to overlook the preparation involved in the process. Taking the time to go through these steps will save you time and unnecessary stress if something goes terribly wrong. Here are six things you should consider before worrying about how you’ll decorate your Christmas tree this year.

The Right Size Tree

Selecting the right size tree is by far the most important aspect to inspect before you buy. Don’t buy a twelve-foot tree if your ceilings are ten feet. It’s hard to tell exactly how tall your ceiling is but estimates will suffice just the same. The safest rule of thumb is to go by whatever makes sense as far as height instead of impulsively getting the best-looking tree. Apartments are already relatively space-restricting as it is. Planning the height of your tree will help prevent overpaying for a tree that won’t nearly fit comfortably in the space you allocated for it.

Unwanted Guests

You’d usually expect to just be taking a Christmas tree home with you for the season. Occasionally, that’s not the case. Inspect your tree and shake it out before strapping it up to the car. You don’t want to get the tree set up in your living room with spiders, bugs or even an old birds nest within the branches. It’s a simple precaution that will save you from a borderline heart attack and ensures that you’re just taking a tree home!

A Sturdy Tree Stand

You’ll want your tree to stand tall and sturdy once you get it into your Dulles apartment. Make sure your tree stand is put together correctly and the tree is well balanced within. This will avoid a total disaster of the tree falling over onto the ground, furniture, or even worse, the kids or pets.  Do it right the first time around and don’t rush the process. It’s not the most glorious part of setting up the tree, but it must stand up somehow!

Pet Proofing

The tree is up in the perfect corner of your apartment, now it’s time to decorate! Set up the lights, decorations, streamers and ornaments to make everyone’s eyes sparkle. But while you’re decorating it’s important to take a second to pet-proof your arrangements. Make sure no decorations or ornaments that can be easily broken are low to the ground. If you have a pet, specifically cats, make sure they can’t seriously ruin anything on the tree or knock over the tree entirely. You see these mishaps on TV shows all the time, but that’s because they’re inspired by real events. Pet and child-proof your Christmas tree to prevent any mess during the holidays.

Set Up Help

Buying the tree is easy, setting up maybe not so much. If you don’t think you can set up the tree by yourself, don’t be stubborn and ask for help! A family member, friend or neighbor would be more than happy to help. It’s not worth getting hurt when someone can easily lend a hand.

Clean Up Plan

Having a cleanup plan when it’s time to get rid of the tree is equally as important as getting the tree inside. Once the holidays are over, you’ll be glad you planned-out taking down decorations and having a disposal plan. The tree will leave needles all over, so be prepared to do some clean up and make sure you can leave the tree in the trash or on the side of the road for pickup.

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Your Christmas tree takes a lot of planning that often gets ignored until it’s too late. Consider the previous examples when setting up your tree for the holiday season to avoid any unnecessary headaches while decorating your apartment. To learn more about Lerner Properties and our Parc Dulles location, feel free to contact us or view the photo gallery and virtual tour to get a closer look!

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