5 Apartment Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

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Cleaning your apartment is a grueling task. Many people dedicate days to cleaning, and even then, they’ve probably missed a few spots. Luckily, we have compiled a list of tips that will make cleaning your apartment easier and less time consuming, so you no longer have to dread “cleaning day.” All of these hacks require simple household items you might have lying around. If you don’t have these items, simply run to a nearby store before you begin!

Get Rid of Water Rings with a Blow Dryer

There’s a reason your parents were always on your case for not using coasters: the dreaded water rings that formed on their (previously) pristine wooden coffee table. In case you or your friends forgot to use a coaster and left a water ring on your wooden furniture, it can be easily fixed using a blow dryer. Turn the blow dryer on high and hold it as close as you can to the stained area. It takes some time but in a matter of minutes, the stain should disappear completely. Shortly after, rub olive oil on the area to moisturize the wood.

Use Vodka to Clean your Mattress

To eliminate odor from your mattress, simply fill a spray bottle with vodka and an essential oil of your choice. The oil will add a pleasant smell to your mattress, so make sure it’s one you like. Spray the concoction all over your mattress and it’ll smell as good as new.

Clean your Microwave with Household Items

After a few uses, your microwave is bound to get dirty and pick up the residue of the food it has been heating up. Cleaning your microwave can take a lot of time and upper arm strength. You can avoid the strenuous task by using three simple items: water, lemon, and vinegar. Fill a bowl with a cup of water, half a cup of white vinegar, and then squirt the lemon into the water. Place slices of lemon into the water as well. Heat it up for three minutes or until the water starts to boil. Don’t rush to open the microwave just yet – let the bowl sit in the microwave for another five minutes. The steam will loosen the residue trapped in the microwave, making it easier for you to wipe off. After this, the inside of your microwave will look as good as new!

Get Rid of Carpet Stains by Steaming Them

Getting stains on your carpet is troublesome. Getting the stains out is even more difficult. It takes hours of using different cleaning products and viciously scrubbing the area, but in reality, you don’t even need to use cleaning products. You can save your carpet from those dingy stains using vinegar, a damp towel, and an iron. Simply, combine water and vinegar in a bottle and spray it over the stained area. Then, cover it with a damp cloth and iron over it for half a minute, with the iron on the steam setting. The steam should make the stain disappear in no time!

Clean your Showerhead Using Vinegar

A great deal of people go years without cleaning their showerhead because they don’t know how to. The thought of using harsh chemicals via cleaning products is not appealing to many because of the direct contact the area has with your body. Fortunately, there is no need to use chemicals to get the gunk off your showerhead. Al you need is a Ziploc bag, some vinegar, lemon essential oil, and a hair tie. Fill the sandwich bag with distilled white vinegar and three drops of lemon essential oil. Tie the bag around the showerhead, making sure the showerhead is completely submerged in the vinegar. Let it sit overnight. In the morning, remove the sandwich bag and wipe the showerhead using a cloth. This will not require much scrubbing on your part. Finally, to ensure that the vinegar and lemon is completely off the showerhead, let the water run for a few minutes.

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